Osteopathic Manual Therapy tunes into the subtle mechanics of the body in an effort to get all systems of the body working in unity.

Structure Governs Function

One of the main principles of Osteopathy is structure governs function. This recognizes that the body’s alignment of bones and organs (and tension of tissues), directly affect how the body functions. Adverse alignment and tension can reduce proper movements and lead to (or make worse) many painful conditions.

Treatment Goals

Manual osteopaths use gentle movements to correct bio-mechanical dysfunctions of the spine, joints, muscles, organs, fascia, and fluids. Movements are designed to

  • re-align posture
  • remove adverse tension in all tissues of the body
  • regain balance within the bodies muscles and ligaments

Benefits of Osteopathy

Correcting a body’s bio-mechanical dysfunctions can

  • improve movement
  • reduce pain
  • require less energy
  • relax the body
  • promote healing