In general, treatments are designed to remove tension from the muscles and fascia, free the joints to move well, and realign the bones of the body towards a more ideal posture. This treatment method helps to stimulate healing, reduce pain, and improve sleep, energy levels, and digestion.

Treatment Plan

Every client is individual, unique, and has different treatment requirements. In general, treatment plans are initially timed closer together (ie once per week or once per 2 weeks) to help with

  • Pain relief
  • Stimulating the healing process
  • Observing how the body reacts to treatment

As your body adjusts and you improve, we start to stretch out the time between treatments.


Remember, achieving better health may or may not coincide with symptom relief. Sometimes symptoms leave after one or two treatments, but their cause still remains: the body is just able to effectively adapt again.

Also, the effects of treatment compound. If you do not feel immediate symptom relief, do not worry, for some people it takes a few treatments before effect starts to snowball.

Long-Term Health

To ensure the root causes of your health concerns are effectively dealt with, its important to make your health your #1 priority and commit to the treatment plan.