Newspaper Article on Low Back Pain

Here is an article I wrote for Golden This Week.

Newspaper […]

Mark MacKenzie Introduction in Golden This Week

Here is a PDF copy of my Introduction which appeared […]

I should drink HOW MUCH water?

How much Water should we Drink?
While everybody is different, and requires different […]

Great Diet Tips

Here are some links to great diet and food tips […]

Green Smoothies Made Easy

Here is an info graphic on making smoothies.

Salad Dressing InfoGraphic

Here is a simple info graphic showing how to make […]

Food Cravings

Here is a great chart showing how to cure your […]

Why I chose to become an Ostoepath

Why did I become a Manual Osteopath?
I had been plagued by low-back […]

Chronic Hip Pain

When I called your office I had chronic hip pain. […]

Low Back and Shoulder Pain

I went in with lower back and shoulder pain. Mark […]